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Torfeh Educational Hospital began its mission as early as 1939. Its activities were halted following the onset of World War II for four years (from 1941- 1945) during the recession period. However, the hospital continued its activities under the directorship of Dr. Torfeh. In 1950, parts of the old building underwent renovations, and in 1953, part of neighboring building belonging to the late Ala- Ol- Saltaneh, was purchased from the Ministry of Road & Transportation in whose land, the present building was constructed.  

In the years 1953 to 1956, destruction of the old building and construction of the new building were in effect, and finally, in 1957, the new building was inaugurated. In 1976, the new Ophthalmology building and ward began their mission independently next to the main hospital wing. Torfeh Educational Hospital’ which was then named ‘ Torfeh Hospital’ was transferred to the provincial office of the then Ministry of Health. After the merge of the Ministry of Health with medical education, the hospital was affiliated to Shahid beheshti University of Medical Sciences. Torfeh Educational Hospital is located in an area of 5000 m² with 10000 m² of usable building. Its total number of approved hospital beds is 180, and its active beds are 120 currently. The hospital, which is one of the oldest of its kind in the region, renders its services to patients in surgery, obstetrics & GYN, ophthalmology, pediatrics, orthopedics, and emergency conditions.    



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